About Me

My name is Laura, and I’m here to share with you my journey into a healthy, clean, fit lifestyle… hope to inspire, motivate and coach you.

As I was approaching the age of 40, I felt that being single and having no children gave me no purpose in life. Being single by choice after coming out of an abusive relationship, which took me four years to feel good, be myself again and gain confidence back. Feeling lost and unworthy while everyone around me are building families and creating amazing lives to be proud of. I felt useless, unworthy and had nothing to be proud of.

My nephew being born was my ultimate motivation to get fit, healthy and strong. I stopped smoking initially and said to myself, after three months I’d join the gym. Well, it took me six months to build up the courage to walk into the gym and to join and start seeing a Personal Trainer.

On the 7th July 2017, I had my first Personal Training session with Taz; I thought I was going to die! I would train every day, weight training mainly, twice a week with my PT and other days on my own. Also incorporated some group circuit sessions and a little cardio here and there. The gym became my second home, I began to build friendships with the other trainers and gym junkies, so to speak…..feeling apart of a family!

After eight weeks in, I started to learn about nutrition. My PT taught me heaps, and I would read and learn on my own. Counting calories and ensuring my intake of macros was what my body needed for the training I was doing and for what I wanted to achieve. I thought I ate pretty healthy before but learning about nutritional foods and the type of foods you should be eating when training became interesting!

At 12 weeks my body had changed dramatically, exactly how I wanted it too. My weight only changed by 1 or 2 kgs, I lost around 20% of body fat and gained plenty of muscle. Just amazing what hard work, dedication and commitment can do. This transformation began my motivation to keep going and also to inspire others. It became my lifestyle! Something to be proud of! Something I’m now so passionate about!

I began my hobby of making Super Clean Treats! I’d find these so-called “healthy” recipes on Instagram, raw, vegan, clean…, well yes they are but so full of calories, super high in carbs and fats! I would play around with the recipe and use alternative ingredients to reduce calories and improve the macros. Haha yes, some didn’t work, but so many did, and now that I have a good understanding of different types of food, I create my recipes.

So with all of this drive inside of me regarding healthy living, I decided to become a Personal Trainer myself. I’m currently undertaking the online course with the Australian Institute of Fitness. I train weekly with a female I’ve become close with from the gym “KK”, and we’ve designed full body circuit workouts. This is building my confidence in training others, learning about others and helping so much with my studies.

So here I am now creating my webpage to share with you my Super Clean Treats, Meal ideas, Training ideas, Fitness Inspiration and my journey to becoming a Personal Trainer! Also, remember that you are never too old to make a difference in your own life and the life of others….


Do You. For You. #doyouforyou