Why Activate Your Body?

IMG_3493_BWHow I came up with the name “Activate Your Body”.

Activate… Switch on. Start. Turn on. Energise.

The hardest thing with anything in life is to start, to make a choice, to embrace change and to better ones self. Once we start we feel energised, we gain motivation, we get excited and, well for me, I had a sense of self worth, a purpose.

Your Body… Physique. Anatomy. Shape. Figure. Bones. Skeleton.

We only get one body, so look after it, use it to its full potential and make it the best it can be. Work it. Fuel it. Nurture it. Keep it strong. Keep it fit. And most of all keep it healthy, physically and mentally.

From my experience in my journey, it’s pretty amazing how one can change their entire physique and internal health through the power of exercise and good nutrition. Also the mental power you gain through the journey to believe in yourself. It’s not always easy and you will have tough moments, but you pick yourself back up and keep pushing. It helps to have positive support around you, don’t let others bring you down, use those that doubt you as fuel to push even harder.

Do  You.  For  You. #doyouforyou

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