In Your Own Skin…

Let’s talk about imperfections, but are they really imperfections? Stretch marks… I have them, a lot of them. Mainly on my butt and upper legs, as seen in the pic below (Oct 2017 4mths into my fitness journey) Do I let them bother me? No I don’t!


Scares, imperfections, curves, freckles and marks on our bodies are apart of life. Accept them, embrace them and just be you. Never be embarrassed about a mark you may have, they tell a story, it’s apart of your make up and whether the story is a good one or a bad one, it’s shaped you to be who and where you are today. Every thing that we experience is meant to be, so even if it’s a tough experience turn it into a positive and use it to grow, to evolve and most of all to be challenged to become stronger…in your own skin.

Sure times get crazy and we get a bit lost, down and confused, but just breath, have your moment then let it go. Talk to those close to you, the ones that will not give up on you no matter the situation. It’s important to surround yourself with those that are supportive, honest, encouraging and loving. Having solid friendships/relationships are important and those that stick with you when it’s tough, they are the keepers. Knowing you have these real friendships around you will help you to refocus, commit and succeed in whatever you are doing….in your own skin.

We are what we put into ourselves, so be happy with your choices because they were the right choice’s for you at that time. Never question or regret a choice. Don’t judge others for their choices either, it’s their life journey not yours. You want to change something about yourself, do it. You don’t want to change something about your yourself, you don’t have too. But don’t complain if things don’t change when you are not doing anything about it. It’s your choice, your actions and only you can change it. You need help, ask. There is nothing wrong with asking someone for help….in your own skin.

Embrace all that you are for you and only you. Make your life journey your own not someone else’s and don’t be influenced by others. Be a point of different, lead don’t follow and always stand tall. Be happy….in your own skin! How ever you want to wear it!

Do You. For You. #doyouforyou

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