Goals… Effort…

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort”.

So far in my fitness/health journey I’ve achieved many goals and developed as an individual to be better than I was the day before. I’ve always been the type of individual that needs to be challenged, I thrive on change and trying new things. I haven’t always succeeded, but many times I have. So it’s either been a lesson or an achievement and both to me are wins in life.

Living a fit/healthy lifestyle provides me with so many different things to try. I can lift heavy weights, whether it be a PUSH, PULL, LEGS or CORE session. I love a good
Power Circuit session, especially blog effortwith a buddy or a group of elite crew. Cardio for me is minimal as I’ll lose weight and this is not one of my goals, but for my cardiovascular function, it’s still very important to get a few cardio sessions in a week. 3km run, 20 minutes on the stepper, air bike or rower are my favourite to get a good sweat going! Also adding sprints in between my sets when I’m weight training gets the heart rate up. Stepping outside my comfort zone I’ll do a Bikram Body Sculpt class from time to time and I’m loving my weekly Body Box sessions.

Also nutrition, we are what we eat! I’m a strong believer in the importance of fuelling your body right, even more so when you lead a very active lifestyle. Clean eating has been a massive achievement for myself and I can’t wait to share with you all my savoury macro balanced meals and of course my super clean treats. My crew at work (I’m a Flight Attendant full time) can back me up here, as they know as their Cabin Manager, I make it a priority that time is allocated to them to ensure they eat and drink during our duty. Hydration and nutrient dense food is so important in all daily activities, especially when flying in a pressurised cabin all day.

A new goal I’m now focusing on is strength, body weight stuff and being extremely technical when it comes to my form. No exercise is a race, need to focus on the range of motion and time under tension. Building up my strength and perfecting my form is going to be challenging but I need a point of difference, to stand out from others, I want to try something new and I want to push myself to another level in my fitness journey. So I’m experimenting, learning from others and educating myself. I’m increasing my effort!

My PT studies at the moment has been all about the “Great 8” (main exercises), rest and recovery, creating programs and training with older adults. I’m learning so much personally and professionally. So good to broaden my knowledge and I guess a big part of setting new goals and stepping outside my comfort zone with training, is to learn so much more. This will help me to determine what kind of PT I want to be and I’ll have a great understanding of so many different types of training.

For me it’s important to keep things interesting when it comes to exercises, for my mental health and physical health. I need to stay motivated and I do not want my body to plateau, I’ve come so far and I’m not going to decrease my goal! Using different kinds of gym equipment, gym accessories and variations to an exercise mixes up the intensity, load and ultimately the results I’m working hard to achieve.

Do  You. For  You.  #doyouforyou

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