The Men In My Life…

I have 6 special men in my life. My Papa, Brother, Nephew, belated Nonno, one of my best friends and my PT. I love them all in many different ways and they have all helped me to be the woman I am today. They have all given me direction, taught me lessons, guidance and motivation. Times have not always been easy but those tough times we have shared are lessons and the good times we have shared out weigh those tough ones, so we live, laugh, learn and love. I feel that we don’t appreciate the people around us enough. People are quick to judge and put other’s down for their achievements instead of encouraging and saying thanks.


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I was lucky enough to get my Nonno’s eye’s. My sister and I have our nonno’s eyes, grey eyes. Pretty lucky as mum, papa and my brother got brown eyes. Nonno was a beautiful man… genuine, hard working, would never judged anyone and just had a heart of gold. He always found the good in any situation and in people. If men today were like my nonno I’d have them all 😉 He was a true gentleman, handsome and kind, I miss his big warm hugs! He had a cheeky side too… He would say to me in Italian “come on girl let’s go for a drive, just cruse and get some ice cream” mind you I was still on my L plates and he never had a licence but that didn’t matter. So that we did, we drove around the streets of Northcote eating ice cream. From nonno I’ve learnt what it is I want in a man to call my own, how to see the good and bring out the best in people, to be a kind and generous human. Oh….and how to drive.

I am my father’s daughter as mum always says. The same in so many ways. From the bonny chest, to the big ears (Yeah I had mine pinned back in grade 2 as I was picked on at school) to the can’t sit still and social butterfly. My papa played soccer until he was about 55, would jog everyday and had an interest in many sports and he knows just about everyone. On family holidays it would be me having a game of tennis with my dad or going for a run because my sister would be busy in the pool as she loved the water and my brother would be out on his bike or skateboard trying to rip burnouts. Papa was and still is a social butterfly, always out with his mates doing what boys do, running events with the Italian Club that he is the president of and also out with  mum and their mutual group of friends. I swear their social life is better than mine. Seeing my dad battle cancer was not a pretty sight, I would have thought that because he was such a fit man he would deal with well, but it really got to him. Mentally he struggled a great deal and it took a long time for him to be himself again.  From my dad I’ve learnt to have a passion for looking after myself, physically and mentally. To enjoy the social side of life and be good to your friends, treat them like family. To never give up and even when things may not be as you planned them, you keep going, you move on and you keep trying. Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

My big brother, a successful business man, honest husband and an amazing father. We are nothing alike but have many similar interests and it is probably our work ethic that is very much the same. We shared a lot together growing up, working in a family butcher shop on a Saturday morning from the age of 7. Driving around the family car doing burnouts at the local footy oval, while Papa would go for his run. Such rebels, but I guess times were different back then and we could get away with a lot more. We’d go crusing on our bikes or on billy carts we’d made, doing milk bar runs and just having fun. My brother is a very strong, determined and focused man, he has a massive passion for travel and his hard work has let him enjoy the travels of this world. Now as we are grown adults, it is so humbling to see him as a father to my nephew, the selflessness he displays in being a dad and husband is just beautiful. From my brother I gained a strong work ethic, a passion for all things fast, the need for speed. To always be strong and determined in anything I do, to stand my ground and not let people walk all over me. Stand tall and get shit done!

My nephew. My X man. Just instant love right here. It was this little guy being born that initiated the beginning of this healthy lifestyle journey for me, why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. For the first 24 hours of life he was in ICU, so straight up this little man was a fighter, he was strong and an absolute cutie pie. In only 15 months he displays to be a quick learner, very social and has a warm heart. The way he waves is like no other, his little personality is unique and I just love him. My X man has given me the strength to change, to make a difference, a good difference, for me and for others. Being healthy and fit is because of him, I want to be around for as long as I can, I want to keep up with him and I will protect him anyway I can. It is because of this little man that I turned a corner for myself and began to create my purpose and I build my routine around that purpose!

My #VB4LYF (very brown for life) my male best friend. Five years of friendship here which feels like a life time. Funny how you can just instantly click with someone and become the best of friends. He is like a brother to me, the little brother I never had, nothing is awkward between us and I can be my absolute self around him. My little bro is a stylish, hard working and driven man. He has accomplished so much for his age and his partner is lucky to have him. He came into my life right during the time of change and developing myself again, perfect timing. He was just what I needed to get myself back on track socially and mentally. Funny how people are put in front of us just as we need them at that time. He is always encouraging me to be positive, taking me out and about, going on holidays together so we can tan of course and he’s an awesome shopping bubby. He got along well with my other best friends and became apart of my family very quickly. From my #VB4LYF I got my fun self back, the passion to hit the town again and dance. To go out eating and drinking, day or night. To take holidays, relax and do adventurous things. And to shop!


My PT the love/hate relationship… Definately love, because this guy is the one that has believed in me, has not given up on me, stands strong beside me, pushes me and guides me to be the best I can be. He is an amazing human, not only does he encourage me but he encourages all types of people every single day. He is a very successful business man, not only with his personal training but with his passion for food. His family mean the world to him and he only speaks highly of people, just a gentle giant. When it comes to his personal fitness and goals he is on another level, he has to win and he has to be stronger than anyone….and he is! Such determination, dedication and passion in all that he does. He has motivated and inspired my fitness journey and healthy lifestyle change, so much so that I am now becoming a PT and a big part of why I’m sharing my story and putting myself out there to encourage and motivate others too. His passion, strength and dedication is addictive and the time he has given me is priceless. It has not only been the physical training we have shared in my journey but the knowledge he has taught me about nutrition. The results in us building my lean physique and watching him shred during a challenge has blown my mind, the impact on the way we fuel our bodies along side our training is so interesting. From my PT I’ve gained strength not just in what you physically see but the mental strength. To truely believe in myself again, to push beyond my limits, to achieve, to grow, to inspire, to better myself to be the best I can be and have your journey influence others.

“You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully, your environment will become you.”

Being a single girl can be tough sometimes, but it’s only as tough as you make it, just like anything in life. My Gp once told me… “Laura not all of us are meant to have a partner, some of us can stand strong alone and you are strong woman, maybe you are to stand strong alone and there is nothing wrong with that.” But you know what, I’m not alone, I have these amazing men in my life and how strong is that!

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

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