Women Inspiring Women…

I’ve met some beautiful, strong and amazing women in my life so far. I believe it’s so important that we support and encourage each other, to empower one another to achieve all that we desire and that we can do anything we set our minds too. No matter our age we can do just as the other can do, we help the other, we inspire the other and we “do together” not “compete the other” nor “put the other down”.  The Sister Hood of empowerment.

I worked in women’s fashion for almost 20 years, so 99% of my staff were young women. It was so rewarding for myself to build a team of diverse, vibrant and skilled young women. To coach, drive and inspire them to be amazing, sales assistants, visual merchandiser”s and stock controller’s. We, together as a store team would have a ball every single day. Sharing our passion for fashion, helping our customers look amazing, making our store look amazing and kicking some sales goals. It was such a thrill at our Annual Roadshow’s when we won Store Awards and got to celebrate together. I would succession plan these young women to manage their own stores and grow as independent individuals. Friendships were formed pretty quickly, whether it be with myself or the other women, forming bonds and becoming not just work mates but life long friends. To this day I still see some of them catching up as friends even after years of having worked together and living different lives. Even for myself, one of my best friends to this day is a young woman I hired back when she was just 18, (she is now 35) I was one of her brides maid’s at her wedding and we now share a life lasting friendship.

Now in this fitness journey of mine and as I study to become a PT, the female support and inspiration is on another level. In the beginning when I first joined the gym, I would warm up on the bike before my PT Session. I would see this young woman being trained by one of the other trainers and I would think… “wow she is so fit, so strong, I want to be like her.” Who would of thought then that now we would train together every week, the weekly girly session. This young woman, KK inspired me to push harder in my training and now we inspire each other, we have similar goals and we are similar in strength, fitness level and a strong focus in our nutrition. Even though she is half my size and age, together we make a great team, we enjoy each others company and love a good sweat session. Now together we inspire and encourage others.

The weekly Saturday morning group session has also brought together a bunch of women that support, motivate and encourage each other. We are of all ages, with different lifestyles and commitments, but we share a love for being active. It is here that bonds have been formed, we have a laugh, even a cry sometimes as life is not always easy and we have our meltdown moments. But we listen, give advice where we can, hug it out and get on with the it. We may not always understand or agree with the other, but we don’t judge, we don’t put the other down. We give support and guidance. We give the other motivation and remind them of why we’re here and how amazing we are in our own unique way.

The girls getting together from time to time to train with each other has been awesome fun. Whether its weight training, going for a run or a circuit session together it’s always uplifting to teach different exercise’s and show your types of training. Sharing tips and tricks, especially the use of BOOTY BANDS, we all love a good booty session. Even times where we are just all in the gym together doing our own thing but we have each others motivation around us. When you set yourself a challenge just to find that others are doing it too, messaging videos to show and say “look how I’m going” and actively making the time to meet with me so we can practice together, how fantastic is that. Support right there, girl power!

All of this has given me the confidence to share my fitness journey, knowing I have the support and encouragement from this little active community and the community of people I’ve worked with and currently work with. My Pt would also tell me from time to time, “they are all watching you, they want to be like you”. Really? Wow! And this was when I started to truly believe in myself and that I needed to give back. I want to share this journey to give back what I have been given in such a short time from these women. I want to share in hope to inspire others to better themselves to be the best they can be, not just physically but mentally and for health reasons. If I inspire just one woman I’m happy, but I know I’m inspiring more than just one…

The appreciation from so many woman (and men) at work has been motivating for me too. To know that I’ve influenced them in some way for their reason to kick start an active change for themselves is just amazing. The questions I get asked about nutrition, what to eat and not to eat, and about the “super clean treats” I make, has just blown my mind. I’ve only learnt about nutrition from my PT and the research I’ve actively done myself. Thank goodness for “MyFitnessPal”. Just on that, I’d spend hours initially in the supermarkets and health food shops scanning bar codes and reading the ingredients just to work out the better calories and macro options. Knowledge is power they say.

Current friends and friends of friends following or beginning to follow my IG page and sending messages of “you go girl” and “thanks for your inspiration” is so empowering for me. Even just simple life questions or them wanting to tell me their story.  Conversations about food, types of training and mindset. All positive talk, no bullshit, real life emotions being shared, not to compare but to inspire. How powerful is all this and for me a lover of wanting to help others, well that’s why I’m here sharing my story as a woman becoming a strong woman for women.

As women we must be humble enough to know we are no better than anyone else and wise enough to know we are all different and unique in our own way. Thankyou to the women below who have let me share their faces with you. These women have and still do inspire, encourage and support me, and in return I do the same for them. Women inspiring women.

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

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