It’s pretty amazing and rewarding when someone acknowledges your hard work, effort and dedication. When they see your potential and want to share with you their journey.

So I’ve been sharing my fitness and health journey now for almost 12 months. I often receive private messages from followers as I mentioned in my last blog “women inspiring women”. Well not so long ago I received a message from a local Melbourne brand, M-Active. They wrote saying that they loved my fitness story and they’d love to see me in their activewear. And would I be interested in doing a collaboration with them. WOW!!!

Absolutely I would. How fantastic that this brand has taken the time to look at my journey and really appreciate my hard work, dedication & commitment. I’m just a regular girl trying to make a positive difference for myself and in turn inspiring others. Hard work does pay off, makes me feel super proud of what I’m doing and to be acknowledged for it.

We exchanged information and within a week my M-Active Kit arrived! What an amazing opportunity to do this collaboration with an Australian owned and designed brand. Their homegrown brand is totally focused on offering us functional and fashionable active wear styles and at killer prices. M-Active is about creating an empowering balance between lifestyle and fitness. Just like myself they are firm believers that health, fun and can coexist comfortably. We together value functionality, fabric and fit, ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. Check my instagram for the recent post.

So now I look forward to working with M-Active in the future. They have taken me on as one of their ambassador’s!!! I received a beautiful email… “We would really like to welcome you on board as an ambassador for our developing women’s fitness and athleisure brand M-Active. Your story with your personal journey has been truly inspirational and we commend you for your hard work, sweat and possibly at times tears. Your story shows the combination of mind, body and soul which is the key not only to a balanced lifestyle but the basis of a kick ass fitness program that obviously gets great amazing results.”

How exciting! What an Honour! Warms my heart, body and soul to hear these kind words! Hard work pays off! I’m humbled to be appreciated and respected for what I’m doing!

So I met with the Sales and Operations manager at one of my favourite cafes “Bob’s Your Uncle”. We enjoyed a coffee, chatted about the brand and its journey and about me and my journey. So much exciting information was shared between us. Where the brand has come from and where it is headed, and ladies some of the product that’s coming, well you’re going to love it. We also discussed about my involvement as an ambassador and how the brand will also support me. Just a great opportunity for a normal, local, young determined woman like myself.

I did ask why me…? Well M-Active want to promote their brand on real women, real athletic physiques and support women that have worked and continue to work hard for their results, empowering women. They are big supporters of a healthy mind, body and soul. In today’s society these three aspects are so important for us to stand out from the rest, be strong enough to not follow the crowd and to put it simply….”To be unique as you are”. I’m a big believer in being yourself, being raw and not hiding behind a filter. Having a positive and healthy  mind, body and soul is what gets me to be a better person, a stronger person and a unique individual.

I’m super excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share it with all the beautiful people in my world.

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

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