It’s pretty amazing and rewarding when someone acknowledges your hard work, effort and dedication. When they see your potential and want to share with you their journey.

So I’ve been sharing my fitness and health journey now for almost 12 months. I often receive private messages from followers as I mentioned in my last blog “women inspiring women”. Well not so long ago I received a message from a local Melbourne brand, M-Active. They wrote saying that they loved my fitness story and they’d love to see me in their activewear. And would I be interested in doing a collaboration with them. WOW!!!

Absolutely I would. How fantastic that this brand has taken the time to look at my journey and really appreciate my hard work, dedication & commitment. I’m just a regular girl trying to make a positive difference for myself and in turn inspiring others. Hard work does pay off, makes me feel super proud of what I’m doing and to be acknowledged for it.

We exchanged information and within a week my M-Active Kit arrived! What an amazing opportunity to do this collaboration with an Australian owned and designed brand. Their homegrown brand is totally focused on offering us functional and fashionable active wear styles and at killer prices. M-Active is about creating an empowering balance between lifestyle and fitness. Just like myself they are firm believers that health, fun and can coexist comfortably. We together value functionality, fabric and fit, ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. Check my instagram for the recent post.

So now I look forward to working with M-Active in the future. They have taken me on as one of their ambassador’s!!! I received a beautiful email… “We would really like to welcome you on board as an ambassador for our developing women’s fitness and athleisure brand M-Active. Your story with your personal journey has been truly inspirational and we commend you for your hard work, sweat and possibly at times tears. Your story shows the combination of mind, body and soul which is the key not only to a balanced lifestyle but the basis of a kick ass fitness program that obviously gets great amazing results.”

How exciting! What an Honour! Warms my heart, body and soul to hear these kind words! Hard work pays off! I’m humbled to be appreciated and respected for what I’m doing!

So I met with the Sales and Operations manager at one of my favourite cafes “Bob’s Your Uncle”. We enjoyed a coffee, chatted about the brand and its journey and about me and my journey. So much exciting information was shared between us. Where the brand has come from and where it is headed, and ladies some of the product that’s coming, well you’re going to love it. We also discussed about my involvement as an ambassador and how the brand will also support me. Just a great opportunity for a normal, local, young determined woman like myself.

I did ask why me…? Well M-Active want to promote their brand on real women, real athletic physiques and support women that have worked and continue to work hard for their results, empowering women. They are big supporters of a healthy mind, body and soul. In today’s society these three aspects are so important for us to stand out from the rest, be strong enough to not follow the crowd and to put it simply….”To be unique as you are”. I’m a big believer in being yourself, being raw and not hiding behind a filter. Having a positive and healthy  mind, body and soul is what gets me to be a better person, a stronger person and a unique individual.

I’m super excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share it with all the beautiful people in my world.

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou


So… I completed my first Tough Mudder, and it won’t be the last, even if I did get 2 fractured ribs from it. All worth it, no pain no gain and all for a good cause. #mentalhealth


What an absolutely amazing experience, life changing and I’m so proud of myself. 11 months ago I would have never thought to complete such a course and would never have put my life in the hands of strangers. Now during my health and fitness journey it’s all about challenging myself, pushing myself, trying new things and achieving something new. Well Tough Mudder what an achievement.

On the day I was so nervous. I even got a bit teary during the rev up before we started. Would I be able to complete the entire 20km? Would I be able to complete all 23 obstacles? Would I fail any? Was my muscle strength and endurance at a high enough level? Had I prepared and trained enough for it? Was I mentally strong enough? Well I completed the entire course in 3.5 hours without fail and having helped so many other men and women, boys and girls along the way. Some obstacles were harder than others and the gaps between made for a lot of running, which actually didn’t bother me, I just wanted to push on, keep moving.

The adrenaline was pumping! I’d get to some obstacles and go right easy, lets do it and off we went. Other’s not so much. I’d look at the obstacle and say to myself, how the hell am I going to do that. This was in particular with the ones you had to tackle alone, no one was going to help you. But I got my mindset right, focused and said to myself I can and I will….and I did! Having in the back of your head why you were doing this and the charity I was raising money for (mental health) gave me the drive and there was no time to complain about anything. I got muddy, wet and bashed about, but the thrill in accomplishing each obstacle, one after the other and the long up hill, down hill runs gave me fuel and drive to keep moving.

I met a load of wonderful people along the way. High fives, hugs and just words of  encouragement and thanks for helping were shared. Strangers taking photo’s and video’s of us, while I randomly gave out my number for them to send it too. Just a wonderful environment to be in. Strangers helping one another for nothing in return. So humbling.

The actual surroundings that we were all participating on, Woodford QLD, just spectacular. Not only was there the enjoyment in doing the actual 20km obstacle circuit and sharing this experience with some amazing people but the views, the serenity was just beautiful. Not having your mobile or belongings with you, just yourself and the fresh open air. It was just breath taking! Even though I was all muddy, being pushed beyond my physical and mental limits, I also felt so relaxed and free, have never felt this at peace in all my life.

This was my first Tough Mudder and I will also complete the course in Melbourne later this year. I’ve made a commitment to myself to make the QLD Tough Mudder a yearly tradition. It was such a life changing experience for me and I’m humbled by the memory it has now given me. The power of exercise is pretty amazing. It can change your life… make you stronger, wiser, healthier, fitter, determined and at peace with who you are. It gives me a purpose and the progress is addictive… “Personal growth becomes addictive once you realise that it is always possible to improve your experience of being.”

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

Women Inspiring Women…

I’ve met some beautiful, strong and amazing women in my life so far. I believe it’s so important that we support and encourage each other, to empower one another to achieve all that we desire and that we can do anything we set our minds too. No matter our age we can do just as the other can do, we help the other, we inspire the other and we “do together” not “compete the other” nor “put the other down”.  The Sister Hood of empowerment.

I worked in women’s fashion for almost 20 years, so 99% of my staff were young women. It was so rewarding for myself to build a team of diverse, vibrant and skilled young women. To coach, drive and inspire them to be amazing, sales assistants, visual merchandiser”s and stock controller’s. We, together as a store team would have a ball every single day. Sharing our passion for fashion, helping our customers look amazing, making our store look amazing and kicking some sales goals. It was such a thrill at our Annual Roadshow’s when we won Store Awards and got to celebrate together. I would succession plan these young women to manage their own stores and grow as independent individuals. Friendships were formed pretty quickly, whether it be with myself or the other women, forming bonds and becoming not just work mates but life long friends. To this day I still see some of them catching up as friends even after years of having worked together and living different lives. Even for myself, one of my best friends to this day is a young woman I hired back when she was just 18, (she is now 35) I was one of her brides maid’s at her wedding and we now share a life lasting friendship.

Now in this fitness journey of mine and as I study to become a PT, the female support and inspiration is on another level. In the beginning when I first joined the gym, I would warm up on the bike before my PT Session. I would see this young woman being trained by one of the other trainers and I would think… “wow she is so fit, so strong, I want to be like her.” Who would of thought then that now we would train together every week, the weekly girly session. This young woman, KK inspired me to push harder in my training and now we inspire each other, we have similar goals and we are similar in strength, fitness level and a strong focus in our nutrition. Even though she is half my size and age, together we make a great team, we enjoy each others company and love a good sweat session. Now together we inspire and encourage others.

The weekly Saturday morning group session has also brought together a bunch of women that support, motivate and encourage each other. We are of all ages, with different lifestyles and commitments, but we share a love for being active. It is here that bonds have been formed, we have a laugh, even a cry sometimes as life is not always easy and we have our meltdown moments. But we listen, give advice where we can, hug it out and get on with the it. We may not always understand or agree with the other, but we don’t judge, we don’t put the other down. We give support and guidance. We give the other motivation and remind them of why we’re here and how amazing we are in our own unique way.

The girls getting together from time to time to train with each other has been awesome fun. Whether its weight training, going for a run or a circuit session together it’s always uplifting to teach different exercise’s and show your types of training. Sharing tips and tricks, especially the use of BOOTY BANDS, we all love a good booty session. Even times where we are just all in the gym together doing our own thing but we have each others motivation around us. When you set yourself a challenge just to find that others are doing it too, messaging videos to show and say “look how I’m going” and actively making the time to meet with me so we can practice together, how fantastic is that. Support right there, girl power!

All of this has given me the confidence to share my fitness journey, knowing I have the support and encouragement from this little active community and the community of people I’ve worked with and currently work with. My Pt would also tell me from time to time, “they are all watching you, they want to be like you”. Really? Wow! And this was when I started to truly believe in myself and that I needed to give back. I want to share this journey to give back what I have been given in such a short time from these women. I want to share in hope to inspire others to better themselves to be the best they can be, not just physically but mentally and for health reasons. If I inspire just one woman I’m happy, but I know I’m inspiring more than just one…

The appreciation from so many woman (and men) at work has been motivating for me too. To know that I’ve influenced them in some way for their reason to kick start an active change for themselves is just amazing. The questions I get asked about nutrition, what to eat and not to eat, and about the “super clean treats” I make, has just blown my mind. I’ve only learnt about nutrition from my PT and the research I’ve actively done myself. Thank goodness for “MyFitnessPal”. Just on that, I’d spend hours initially in the supermarkets and health food shops scanning bar codes and reading the ingredients just to work out the better calories and macro options. Knowledge is power they say.

Current friends and friends of friends following or beginning to follow my IG page and sending messages of “you go girl” and “thanks for your inspiration” is so empowering for me. Even just simple life questions or them wanting to tell me their story.  Conversations about food, types of training and mindset. All positive talk, no bullshit, real life emotions being shared, not to compare but to inspire. How powerful is all this and for me a lover of wanting to help others, well that’s why I’m here sharing my story as a woman becoming a strong woman for women.

As women we must be humble enough to know we are no better than anyone else and wise enough to know we are all different and unique in our own way. Thankyou to the women below who have let me share their faces with you. These women have and still do inspire, encourage and support me, and in return I do the same for them. Women inspiring women.

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

The Men In My Life…

I have 6 special men in my life. My Papa, Brother, Nephew, belated Nonno, one of my best friends and my PT. I love them all in many different ways and they have all helped me to be the woman I am today. They have all given me direction, taught me lessons, guidance and motivation. Times have not always been easy but those tough times we have shared are lessons and the good times we have shared out weigh those tough ones, so we live, laugh, learn and love. I feel that we don’t appreciate the people around us enough. People are quick to judge and put other’s down for their achievements instead of encouraging and saying thanks.


img_8021  img_8032img_8024img_8025img_8023

I was lucky enough to get my Nonno’s eye’s. My sister and I have our nonno’s eyes, grey eyes. Pretty lucky as mum, papa and my brother got brown eyes. Nonno was a beautiful man… genuine, hard working, would never judged anyone and just had a heart of gold. He always found the good in any situation and in people. If men today were like my nonno I’d have them all 😉 He was a true gentleman, handsome and kind, I miss his big warm hugs! He had a cheeky side too… He would say to me in Italian “come on girl let’s go for a drive, just cruse and get some ice cream” mind you I was still on my L plates and he never had a licence but that didn’t matter. So that we did, we drove around the streets of Northcote eating ice cream. From nonno I’ve learnt what it is I want in a man to call my own, how to see the good and bring out the best in people, to be a kind and generous human. Oh….and how to drive.

I am my father’s daughter as mum always says. The same in so many ways. From the bonny chest, to the big ears (Yeah I had mine pinned back in grade 2 as I was picked on at school) to the can’t sit still and social butterfly. My papa played soccer until he was about 55, would jog everyday and had an interest in many sports and he knows just about everyone. On family holidays it would be me having a game of tennis with my dad or going for a run because my sister would be busy in the pool as she loved the water and my brother would be out on his bike or skateboard trying to rip burnouts. Papa was and still is a social butterfly, always out with his mates doing what boys do, running events with the Italian Club that he is the president of and also out with  mum and their mutual group of friends. I swear their social life is better than mine. Seeing my dad battle cancer was not a pretty sight, I would have thought that because he was such a fit man he would deal with well, but it really got to him. Mentally he struggled a great deal and it took a long time for him to be himself again.  From my dad I’ve learnt to have a passion for looking after myself, physically and mentally. To enjoy the social side of life and be good to your friends, treat them like family. To never give up and even when things may not be as you planned them, you keep going, you move on and you keep trying. Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

My big brother, a successful business man, honest husband and an amazing father. We are nothing alike but have many similar interests and it is probably our work ethic that is very much the same. We shared a lot together growing up, working in a family butcher shop on a Saturday morning from the age of 7. Driving around the family car doing burnouts at the local footy oval, while Papa would go for his run. Such rebels, but I guess times were different back then and we could get away with a lot more. We’d go crusing on our bikes or on billy carts we’d made, doing milk bar runs and just having fun. My brother is a very strong, determined and focused man, he has a massive passion for travel and his hard work has let him enjoy the travels of this world. Now as we are grown adults, it is so humbling to see him as a father to my nephew, the selflessness he displays in being a dad and husband is just beautiful. From my brother I gained a strong work ethic, a passion for all things fast, the need for speed. To always be strong and determined in anything I do, to stand my ground and not let people walk all over me. Stand tall and get shit done!

My nephew. My X man. Just instant love right here. It was this little guy being born that initiated the beginning of this healthy lifestyle journey for me, why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. For the first 24 hours of life he was in ICU, so straight up this little man was a fighter, he was strong and an absolute cutie pie. In only 15 months he displays to be a quick learner, very social and has a warm heart. The way he waves is like no other, his little personality is unique and I just love him. My X man has given me the strength to change, to make a difference, a good difference, for me and for others. Being healthy and fit is because of him, I want to be around for as long as I can, I want to keep up with him and I will protect him anyway I can. It is because of this little man that I turned a corner for myself and began to create my purpose and I build my routine around that purpose!

My #VB4LYF (very brown for life) my male best friend. Five years of friendship here which feels like a life time. Funny how you can just instantly click with someone and become the best of friends. He is like a brother to me, the little brother I never had, nothing is awkward between us and I can be my absolute self around him. My little bro is a stylish, hard working and driven man. He has accomplished so much for his age and his partner is lucky to have him. He came into my life right during the time of change and developing myself again, perfect timing. He was just what I needed to get myself back on track socially and mentally. Funny how people are put in front of us just as we need them at that time. He is always encouraging me to be positive, taking me out and about, going on holidays together so we can tan of course and he’s an awesome shopping bubby. He got along well with my other best friends and became apart of my family very quickly. From my #VB4LYF I got my fun self back, the passion to hit the town again and dance. To go out eating and drinking, day or night. To take holidays, relax and do adventurous things. And to shop!


My PT the love/hate relationship… Definately love, because this guy is the one that has believed in me, has not given up on me, stands strong beside me, pushes me and guides me to be the best I can be. He is an amazing human, not only does he encourage me but he encourages all types of people every single day. He is a very successful business man, not only with his personal training but with his passion for food. His family mean the world to him and he only speaks highly of people, just a gentle giant. When it comes to his personal fitness and goals he is on another level, he has to win and he has to be stronger than anyone….and he is! Such determination, dedication and passion in all that he does. He has motivated and inspired my fitness journey and healthy lifestyle change, so much so that I am now becoming a PT and a big part of why I’m sharing my story and putting myself out there to encourage and motivate others too. His passion, strength and dedication is addictive and the time he has given me is priceless. It has not only been the physical training we have shared in my journey but the knowledge he has taught me about nutrition. The results in us building my lean physique and watching him shred during a challenge has blown my mind, the impact on the way we fuel our bodies along side our training is so interesting. From my PT I’ve gained strength not just in what you physically see but the mental strength. To truely believe in myself again, to push beyond my limits, to achieve, to grow, to inspire, to better myself to be the best I can be and have your journey influence others.

“You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully, your environment will become you.”

Being a single girl can be tough sometimes, but it’s only as tough as you make it, just like anything in life. My Gp once told me… “Laura not all of us are meant to have a partner, some of us can stand strong alone and you are strong woman, maybe you are to stand strong alone and there is nothing wrong with that.” But you know what, I’m not alone, I have these amazing men in my life and how strong is that!

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

Discover Your Potential…


When you have been through something life changing, something you wished you never had to experience in your life, which most of us have, it changes you. It changes you to the extent that you will never be the person you were before, before it happened.

Experiencing an abusive relationship causes so much damage,to yourself and the people around you. For me it was self doubt, no self worth, broken relationships with my family and friends for having put them through the experience and for actually thinking you could help someone like that. Well you can’t! I learnt that the hard way, while it happened.

I’m not going to go into detail about that time, but I will tell you how I got myself back and how I look at the positive side, because if this didn’t happen I would not be where I am today. And I’m pretty happy about where I am right now, after it happened.

I moved back in with my parents for 12 months and worked on building back my relationships with my Mum & Papa, Brother & Sister & the extended family. It was actually pretty horrible to have my siblings disappointed with me, this actually contributed to me doubting myself and feeling unworthy. But I had to face the reality that I hurt them. Sometimes I wished that they would have just hugged me a said let’s get on with it together, we are here to help you, especially as they know that I’m the type of person that always want to help people. My friends, in particular my besties, were easier to connect with during this time and it was effortless to have them understand and be there for me, as best friends are. I can never thank them enough for the bond we share as friends, as true friends are hard to find these days.

During these 12 months I suffered often from anxiety attacks. Convenient that mum was always around when this would happen and she would just hold me, hold me tight. It was all I needed to calm down. I had one on one counselling sessions and also joined a local group session for women that had experienced or even still in an abusive relationship. Being apart of these sessions, talking and listening really assisted in my recovery process. I will never actually understand how someone that is meant is to love you could do such things, but I understand that it was not my fault and you can not help everyone, we can only help themselves. And that is what I decided to do for myself, help myself!

I continued my sessions until I felt confident to step out alone, no longer feeling scared or anxious. I changed career and became a Flight Attendant. I moved back out of home and began to get my independence back. I gained a new friendship through work, another bestie. He is actually the male version of my female bestie. they are so alike it’s scary sometimes. These beautiful people in my life are apart of my family and they, through their support and encouragement,  contributed to getting my confidence and self worth back. They brought out the fun times again, the genuine moments you share in relationships to make memories. This helped with my family bond too,  but I still felt and even today, I still feel I let them down. I know I will always feel this way but I put it in my back pocket and I get on with it.

I progressed quite fast at work, Flight Attendant to Cabin Manager and then to Line Trainer and checker within 3 years. This gave me courage, contentment and belief. I felt worthy again, a sense of accomplishment and I was getting rewarded for my hard work. It was awesome to be motivating and coaching others, something I’m so passionate about. Helping other’s! I’d go out again here and there, enjoying time with friends and family.  It was awesome to get out and let my hair down, socialise, meet new people and just simply have fun.

Started dating, interesting how things have changed. Pretty horrible that the dating scene has become a choice of a picture of someone and communication via text. What happened to conversation, getting to know someone face to face and using our sensor’s of touch, scent and looking into someones eyes….really seeing all of them to know if there is a connection or not. I gave up pretty quickly and made the decision to focus on myself, I can compliment myself. But how would I do this?

I felt alone, something was missing and I felt I had no purpose and nothing or no one to support. Yes I have a wonderful family and I’m so lucky to have them. My small group of friends that I consider as family are just amazing humans. But they’re off creating their own families, people to look after and people to look after them. How can I have this? Well I have ME and I’ll support ME. This is when I made the decision to completely change my lifestyle, to get healthy, fit and strong. I was not going to let anyone break me down again.

To do this I had to choose a positive mindset, I had to commit, be consistent and work hard. That I did! I gained so much physical and mental strength, my progress became addictive. I began to nourish my body with plenty of good nutritious food, which ensured I fuelled my body according to my training and what physique I wanted to achieve. I learnt so much about clean eating that I began a little home hobby of making “super clean treats”.  I was supporting and encouraging others in the gym, as they were also supporting and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. I was creating a family, a new lifestyle, something to be proud of, something that gave me purpose, something I could support and could support me.

This all gave me a reason to be fully content with my life again. I can achieve anything I set my mind too. I can be just as strong as the person next to me. I can feel good about myself. I can step outside my head and push to another level. I can transform myself physically and mentally. I can motivate others. I can help others. I can let others help me. I can be happy, healthy and I have purpose.

I discovered my potential! And I will continue to push this potential because I will never settle for anything less.

Do  You.  For  You.  #doyouforyou

Goals… Effort…

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort”.

So far in my fitness/health journey I’ve achieved many goals and developed as an individual to be better than I was the day before. I’ve always been the type of individual that needs to be challenged, I thrive on change and trying new things. I haven’t always succeeded, but many times I have. So it’s either been a lesson or an achievement and both to me are wins in life.

Living a fit/healthy lifestyle provides me with so many different things to try. I can lift heavy weights, whether it be a PUSH, PULL, LEGS or CORE session. I love a good
Power Circuit session, especially blog effortwith a buddy or a group of elite crew. Cardio for me is minimal as I’ll lose weight and this is not one of my goals, but for my cardiovascular function, it’s still very important to get a few cardio sessions in a week. 3km run, 20 minutes on the stepper, air bike or rower are my favourite to get a good sweat going! Also adding sprints in between my sets when I’m weight training gets the heart rate up. Stepping outside my comfort zone I’ll do a Bikram Body Sculpt class from time to time and I’m loving my weekly Body Box sessions.

Also nutrition, we are what we eat! I’m a strong believer in the importance of fuelling your body right, even more so when you lead a very active lifestyle. Clean eating has been a massive achievement for myself and I can’t wait to share with you all my savoury macro balanced meals and of course my super clean treats. My crew at work (I’m a Flight Attendant full time) can back me up here, as they know as their Cabin Manager, I make it a priority that time is allocated to them to ensure they eat and drink during our duty. Hydration and nutrient dense food is so important in all daily activities, especially when flying in a pressurised cabin all day.

A new goal I’m now focusing on is strength, body weight stuff and being extremely technical when it comes to my form. No exercise is a race, need to focus on the range of motion and time under tension. Building up my strength and perfecting my form is going to be challenging but I need a point of difference, to stand out from others, I want to try something new and I want to push myself to another level in my fitness journey. So I’m experimenting, learning from others and educating myself. I’m increasing my effort!

My PT studies at the moment has been all about the “Great 8” (main exercises), rest and recovery, creating programs and training with older adults. I’m learning so much personally and professionally. So good to broaden my knowledge and I guess a big part of setting new goals and stepping outside my comfort zone with training, is to learn so much more. This will help me to determine what kind of PT I want to be and I’ll have a great understanding of so many different types of training.

For me it’s important to keep things interesting when it comes to exercises, for my mental health and physical health. I need to stay motivated and I do not want my body to plateau, I’ve come so far and I’m not going to decrease my goal! Using different kinds of gym equipment, gym accessories and variations to an exercise mixes up the intensity, load and ultimately the results I’m working hard to achieve.

Do  You. For  You.  #doyouforyou

In Your Own Skin…

Let’s talk about imperfections, but are they really imperfections? Stretch marks… I have them, a lot of them. Mainly on my butt and upper legs, as seen in the pic below (Oct 2017 4mths into my fitness journey) Do I let them bother me? No I don’t!


Scares, imperfections, curves, freckles and marks on our bodies are apart of life. Accept them, embrace them and just be you. Never be embarrassed about a mark you may have, they tell a story, it’s apart of your make up and whether the story is a good one or a bad one, it’s shaped you to be who and where you are today. Every thing that we experience is meant to be, so even if it’s a tough experience turn it into a positive and use it to grow, to evolve and most of all to be challenged to become stronger…in your own skin.

Sure times get crazy and we get a bit lost, down and confused, but just breath, have your moment then let it go. Talk to those close to you, the ones that will not give up on you no matter the situation. It’s important to surround yourself with those that are supportive, honest, encouraging and loving. Having solid friendships/relationships are important and those that stick with you when it’s tough, they are the keepers. Knowing you have these real friendships around you will help you to refocus, commit and succeed in whatever you are doing….in your own skin.

We are what we put into ourselves, so be happy with your choices because they were the right choice’s for you at that time. Never question or regret a choice. Don’t judge others for their choices either, it’s their life journey not yours. You want to change something about yourself, do it. You don’t want to change something about your yourself, you don’t have too. But don’t complain if things don’t change when you are not doing anything about it. It’s your choice, your actions and only you can change it. You need help, ask. There is nothing wrong with asking someone for help….in your own skin.

Embrace all that you are for you and only you. Make your life journey your own not someone else’s and don’t be influenced by others. Be a point of different, lead don’t follow and always stand tall. Be happy….in your own skin! How ever you want to wear it!

Do You. For You. #doyouforyou